I was feeling creatively stuck, so I picked up my camera & walked outside.

One of the most frustrating things in life is knowing that you could be doing so much more if you only had a little more time/money/freedom/etc. And all too frequently, I let that be an excuse for why I'm not creating. But I force myself to get up. I make myself adjust.

There was a lesson I learned in one of my art history classes while I was in college... we were discussing the art form that is minimalism and my professor spoke about how constraints can be the catalyst for a more unique and meaningful medium or idea. When we force ourselves to think differently with what we have rather than find what we need to make what we want, new ideas are born. I've taken this idea into everything I do now. It has helped me be more clever and more economical in my creation process. I've recycled things I never thought were good enough and used them as pieces in something larger, that I now love. I've used squiggly lines to tell stories. I've revealed my whole soul in three lines of poetry. These creations have become parts of my story that mean more than anything else I've made. I now find a unique sense of wonder when I begin a project from this basis. When I find myself stuck at square one, I simplify the variables. I reduce the clutter in my brain and give myself a challenge to work with one thing first, and just start.

Just make yourself start.
That's the hardest part.

Now, whenever I think I don't have the tools I need to let all of my ideas out and create things that I'll be content with, I remember all of this. The greatest experiences and ideas come from improvising in the moment. Spontaneity is a tool for creation and can be just as effective as the meticulousness that goes into planned masterpieces. Uncertainty and curiosity can also work just the same. 

We must allow ourselves to wonder what we can do with any little thing in order to truly grow and venture out of our comfort zones. So, when I’m feeling creatively stuck, I pick up my camera and walk outside; Then I try to make something ordinary seem extraordinary.

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