When Will My Order Ship?

Orders are shipped between Friday - Monday. If you need your order expedited, please contact me here.

What Is The Return/Refund Policy?

Returns are accepted if reported within 14 days of delivery and the items are not damaged. Return postage will not be reimbursed.
Full refunds are available with proof of damaged items. Must be received within 14 days of delivery.

How Can I Collaborate On The Zine?

Send me a message with ideas for your contribution via the contact form here.

How Do I Become An Ambassador?

Go to the Ambassador page here and fill out the form. You will be contacted with further details if you are accepted.


What if I don’t need everything in this package?

Get it anyway! If you are trying to build a brand from the ground up, this is the option for you. The items you think you won’t need, you will need. This package is designed to be comprehensive so that you are set up for success. If you ultimately decide services are unneeded, we will allocate more focus to strategy.

What if I can’t afford this?

Do not fret! I know how intimidating initial costs can be. I offer a financing option for those who need it. The total cost will be more, but it’ll be paid over time instead of upfront. $400 is due upfront and then $400 each month after until a total of $1,600 is paid in total.

What if I need MORE than what is in this package?

Add Additional Services to your cart! I have set up items on this store with specific additional services. Click the one you might need, and purchase it in addition to this package. Need something you didn’t see? Custom options? Tell me! I will create a custom invoice of additional services if needed.