Making Something Meaningful.

Hello, you wonderful people. I want to talk about something important: Meaningful work. 

I have known since I was a kid that I find more value in inspiring others than nearly anything else. That is the force that drives me and pushes me to work when I’m trying to find direction. Along the way I’ve also managed to see the ripple effect of this. I get messages from people sometimes, telling me that words I’ve said or art I’ve created has made their life better. Saying it means a lot to me doesn’t remotely express the extent of its impact. I will never be able to say thank you enough... 

So I keep creating.  

I’m doing this for US! The art, the words, the conversation— this is how I give back to those who keep me going. It’s a beautiful cycle of inspiration that I hope all creators get to experience. It is a true indicator of meaningful work— the only kind of work I ever want to do. There is nothing more rewarding. 

When I was a kid, I made zines by cutting out photos from magazines and making up stories and quizzes to put in them. I would write poems and short stories and draw little doodles to go along with them. I’ve been wanting to do what I’m doing since a time before I knew what it was even called. And I get to do it today for two reasons: 1. Me and 2. You. When you work with the people or make things for the people that inspire you, magical things happen. When you follow your curiosity and passion, everything becomes more meaningful.

I hope that over time, this becomes my full time career. That’s what I want. And I hope you’ll stick around for the journey, because you’re motivating me every single day. 

Thank you!  

- Kaitlin