Your Test Trial of 2018 Expires In 5 Days

The 30-day trial period of 2018 is almost up and I have to say, this thing is promising. There are many wonderful things in motion and I feel more confident than ever about my ability to take life on. I can distinctly remember 2017 starting out rather terribly, so I was a little nervous about this new year. So far, so good.

It seems that we can't help but have some sort of expectation that these few days will set the tone of the whole year. It's funny to me that we try to mark our lives within these chapters of sorts, but realistically it's all one continuous story. I want to be making resolutions in May just because I feel like it's important to me. I like doing things on my own terms. Taking the initiative to make your own life what you want it to be is far more rewarding than deciding to try and be better when the clock strikes midnight and you feel obligated. For some people, that's the only way to do it and that's fine. But make sure you are actively pursuing the things you want. That's the important takeaway from this trial of days: be present and proactive about your life's direction. It's easier said than done and not always easy to be consistent, but do try.

I know that I'm doing my best to follow my own advice, too. There are a lot of creative projects and personal milestones simultaneously occurring and I'm making the most of every moment, as much as I can. I'm glad I get to share the journey with all of you as well. 

Zines have been mailing out and books are going out after a slight delay. There will be a handful of new items going up on the store in February. I have a cool collaboration in the works with a friend of mine. And I have quite a few original paintings to show you too! 

ALSO... if anyone is interested in contributing to the third volume of the zine, send an email to I want to get started!

Stick around and see what's in store. And I hope the rest of your year is full of greatness!

All the best,