The new and improved home for Kaitlin Andesign is here! I'm super excited to finally have this together. You'll notice a few things here:

  • THE NEW STORE! I'm slowly transitioning from my Storenvy store at the moment, so what's currently there is certainly not all. More will be showing up in the coming weeks. But it's all a work in progress. Both will be useable in the transition phase, so feel free to place orders wherever you feel comfortable.
  • I have my professional portfolio with work from various jobs I've had and projects I've done in collaboration with others (or ones that I just did for fun and can't sell, haha). Please check it out and see more of the range of projects I do!
  • This little thing: The blog! I'll be posting here from time to time with updates on projects and cool finds throughout my days of designing and simply existing. I love connecting with people who love what I do or just love the things I love too. Please feel free to share things you find with me. Maybe even shoot me a message or a comment about potential collaborations! I'm always looking for great things to share and/or be a part of.

Over time, it will become far more interesting too, I promise. I have a few digital projects up my sleeve that will become pieces on this site. Keep your eyes peeled! There's so much happening. Be sure to follow the social media account in my footer so that you can be more consistently updated though. 

Thank you to everyone who supports what I do. No words can express how grateful I am. Enjoy this new home of ours and be sure to come say hi whenever you want!

- K.A.